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WhatsApp can transfer the information from Android to the iPhone platform

WhatsApp can transfer the information from Android to the iPhone platform

Whatsapp transfer from android to iphone

I have always switched to a new phone. If it is changed from Android or iPhone operating system to another, it is very troublesome to transfer the information. WhatsApp has not been related to support, but can only rely on third -party software.

The recent WhatsApp has actively developed related functions. Last month, it was launched from the iPhone to Android function, allowing Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and even pre -loaded Android 12 system devices. The latest WhatsApp supports transfer from the Android system to the iPhone function.

This new skill can transfer account information, personal avatars, personal dialogue, group dialogue, dialogue records, media and settings to transfer, but the call records or display names cannot be transferred. The device requirements are not high, as long as it is Android 5 lollipop or above, and iPhone needs to install iOS 15.5 or more. Of course, both calls need to install a new version of WhatsApp app, and use the same phone number to connect the power supply and connect to the same WIFI network.

WhatsApp also set up a help page to explain the requirements and operations from Android to the iPhone platform. You can check the details according to the following link.–Migrate-dhatsApp-Data-FROM-Android- IPhone

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