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There is another Pixel 6A unpacking video

There is another Pixel 6A unpacking video

Pixel 6a Unboxing

Google Pixel 6A will not be officially launched until next month, but there have been two outlets that have flowed out before, including a section of Google\’s internal sales training videos.A piece of Pixel 6A from Malaysia.

This Pixel 6A unpacking film is from Malaysia. If you listen to the narration, you are mainly looking at the picture.There are several parts below to pay attention to

01:00 to open the box. There will be a box accessories display 02:30 and Pixel 6 Pro, especially when you see Pixel 6A Camera Bar are thinner and thinner 04 04 04 04: 00 will have different interface operations 08:00 The fingerprint induction operation at the screen, it seems that the response is very fast

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