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SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP 4 real photo exposure

SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP 4 real photo exposure

Galaxy Flip 4

There have been many news about the new generation of folding machine Galaxy Z FLIP 4 before. Now it is finally exposed for the first time. design.

Twitter @mr_techtalktv posted several real photos of Galaxy Z FLIP 4. The phase is the silver -gray version of the FLIP 4. Suddenly, its appearance design is not different from the previous generation FLIP 3. The two -section design of the camera and the camera lens are the same, but the screen screen is slightly larger than the previous generation FLIP 3. Essence

The biggest improvement of FLIP 4 on the fuselage is the hinge of the connection. From the perspective of the machine and the side, it can be seen that it is significantly smaller than the previous generation.

Galaxy Flip 4 Front View Galaxy Flip 4 Side View

When the firefare body is opened, the folding screen is the same size, but the crease in the middle is also improved. It is not as obvious as the previous generation. Greatly improved the experience.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 螢幕

As for other parts, the fingerprint scanning induction is also on the button on the side of the machine, and the battery power is also increased to 3700mAh 25W fast fork electricity, which is improved from 15W of the previous generation.

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