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SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH5 has three models

SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH5 has three models

Samsung Galaxy Watch

How many models will be set up in Samsung Galaxy Watch5?Some information that has been circulated recently may provide answers.

Samsung refers to Samsung with Heart as the internal CodeName, and has three names: Heart-S, Heart-L and Heart-PRO.The models of the three are SM-R90X, SM-R91X, and SM-R92X. Pressing the past method of SAMSUNG, the most tailing X in the model represents different connection versions. For example, the basic wifi is 0, and LTE will beIt is 5, that is, SM-R000 or SM-R905.

Of the three models, Heart-S and Heart-L are a large version. As for Heart-Pro, I believe it is Galaxy Watch5 Pro.


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