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Salmon 13 beta 3.3 Amend multiple problems

Salmon 13 beta 3.3 Amend multiple problems

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After the launch of Android 13 Beta 3, Google launched two versions of 3.1 and 3.2 one after another, and this morning Google launched another 3.3 version. In additionFixed several problems in use operations.

First of all, if Pixel Launher sets AlwayS Show Keyboard, it will cause other APPS later, and the keyboard will be displayed wrongly.The second item is that when the gesture operation Back may cause System UI Crash.

Two of them the amendments about the connection problem, the correction of the WiFi failed to connect, and the BluetoothManagerservice problem slowly dragged the performance of the APPS.

The remaining part was amended.The device charging will cause the device to re -start without response, as well as fixing lib/list_debug.c that causes the case of Kernel Panic, and the problem caused by the problem caused by the problem of Connectivity thermal Power Manager and affecting the performance of the battery.

If the Android 13 Beta version has been installed, the OTA update notification should be received.

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