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HTC will announce the Viverse smart phone on June 28th

HTC will announce the Viverse smart phone on June 28th

HTC Viverse

HTC has been in the smart phone market in recent years, but there will still be some alternative products. The latest announcement will be announced on June 28th to announce the VIVERSE smart phone. Essence

HTC briefly introduces Viverse, which integrates the Metaverse ecosystem, which can safely explore, work and play in the virtual world. Users have a unique experience, and all activities and data are safe.

A Metaverse ecosystem that connects people from all walks of life to an open and accessible virtual world. Through this new form of living, everyone is empowered to explore, work, and play in a safe environment, each experience is Unique, and your transactions and data are secure.

But what\’s special about this Viverse smart phone will not be known until the press conference on June 28. HTC has also launched an EXODUS phone in the past. It focuses on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency wallets are added to the phone. There are additional security architectures to save users\’ keys. Although the selling point is based on blockchain and cryptocurrency, the market response is average and the sales volume is not good. Can this focus on Metaverse kill a new way for HTC?

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