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Google Password Manager improvement, more consistent operation experience

Google Password Manager improvement, more consistent operation experience

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager password management tools can be used in Chrome and Android systems, but the two are a bit inconsistent in the operation, and the use of users may be a bit confusing. The latest Google simplifies the password management operations of the two and uniformly uniformly operate the operation experience. Users will see the same screen when managing passwords in Chrome or Android.

In addition to the uniform operation of Chrome and Android, there are other improvements. If Android uses a password with a low security, a warning will be prompted, and the user can modify it immediately, and the practice is consistent with Chrome. In addition, a manual adding password is also added. The password group function Bai saves multiple sets of passwords of the same website or APPS to the same group. In Android Home Screen, a password management shortcut can be added.

\\u0026#8211; Manual password adding: Google is adding the ability to manually add passwords on all platforms.\\u0026#8211; Multiple password grouping: Google says that if you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, they\’ll now automatically group them.\\u0026#8211; Home screen shortcut: If you use Password Manager frequently, you may want a shortcut to it and you can now add that to your Android home screens.\\u0026#8211; iOS password generation: Google is Going to let you generate passwords for iOS Apps When you set chrome as your autofill provider (!).Is now in Chrome on Android as a Way to Tap a Button at the Bottom of your screen and quickly login to a size.

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