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Google I/O held tonight at 01:00

Google I/O held tonight at 01:00

Google I/O 2022

Finally came to Google I/O, and Hong Kong time will be held at 01:00 tonight. Google I/O has multiple technical session for developers to participate in the latest development in different areas.

For ordinary people, of course, the Keynote of Google I/O Day 1 is more concerned about the new service and new products of Google at a time. One of Google I/O this year is of course the new features of Android 13. Android 13 is now the Beta stage. It is expected to be officially launched in the third season. I believe that the new features and improvements of Android 13 will be further introduced on Keynote.

Android 13, Pixel Watch, Pixel 6A As for the hardware, the most anticipated is Pixel Watch because Google\’s own smart watch has been said for several years. Recently, Pixel Watch has successively passed some specifications, and more photos and specifications have been circulating. Round watches will be the same size as the Gaalxy Watch4 screen, and the Exynos W920 processor will be used with 32GB built -in storage. However, there are news that Pixel Watch will only be introduced on Google I/O. It will not be officially announced with Pixel 7 until October.

Pixel 6A is another hardware device announced on Google I/O. It is news that Pixel 6A will use the same Google Tensor processor as Pixel 6 with a screen of 6.2 -inch 2400 \\u0026#215; 1080 60Hz. The main camera is a 12 -megapixel dual lens, while the front camera is 8 million pixels.

The third hardware device is Pixel Buds Pro. It is expected to be a higher -order wireless Bluetooth headset. There will be active noise reduction. There will even be spatial Audio.

Google has arranged YouTube streaming live broadcast. Hong Kong time can be watched at 01:00 tonight.

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