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Google announced a variety of Pixel products

Google announced a variety of Pixel products

Google held Google I/O Keynote late at night in Hong Kong, which announced a number of new products of Pixel series.

Pixel 6a

Pixel 6A sells for US $ 449 first is Pixel 6A, which will accept reservations on July 21 and will be sold on the 28th. The price is US $ 449. There are three colors to choose gray black, mint green, white. Pixel 6A is designed with Pixel 6, and the back of the machine also has a horizontal Camera Bar. The camera is a 6.1 -inch 1080p 60Hz OLED screen with Gorilla Glass 3 glass. The processor is the Tensor Chip like Pixel 6. The device has 128GB UFS 3.1 built -in storage and 6GB LPDDR5 RAM.

The main camera of the machine is a dual -lens combination, the 12 -megapixel main lens + 12 million pixel ultra -wide -angle mirror. The camera also has functions such as Night Sight, Magic Eraser, Real Tone. The battery capacity is 4306mAh. Google will provide a five -year security update for the device.

Pixel 6a Color

Pixel Buds Pro US $ 199 Another hardware product is Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth headset, which is priced at US $ 199, which will also accept booking on July 21. Pixel Buds Pro has the function of active noise reduction Active Noise Canceration. In addition, it will have Spatial Audio spatial sound effects technology, and supports Multipoint can be seamlessly switched in different devices. Of course, there will also be support assistant, Google Translate and other support. The power can be operated for 11 hours under the ANC.

Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Watch Google Pixel Watch smart watch was also officially announced on Google I/O. The round surface can be paired with a replacement strap, the button is located on the right. Watch pre -loaded Wear OS 3.1 system, supports Google Pay, Google Assistant, etc., and will also have deep integration of sports health tracking with Fitbit. Pixel Watch will be launched with Pixel 7 in the third quarter of this year. There is no disclosure of too much information on Google I/O, but it means that it will be in the next few monthsPublished detailed information one after another.

Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch

Pixel 7Google announced the Pixel 6A, and then revealed the Pixel 7 information of the next generation. It can be seen from the published pictures that the Pixel 7 still uses Camera Bar design. The PRO version of the three -lens camera combination looks like an exclamation mark. Pixel 7 will use a new generation Tensor Chip. Because it is just a simple disclosure, there is not much information.

Pixel 7

Pixel Tablet and Google Glasses at the I/O conference, Google also revealed that Pixel Tablet will be launched in the next year and shows Early Look. In addition, Sundar Pichai finally mentioned that Google Glasses will be done at the last mention of Keynote. Ten years ago, Google showed Google Glasses on I/O, but later failed to develop successfully due to privacy and other issues. Sundar Pichai means that it will be designed for the real world, and AR technology can be cooperated, just as you can directly see the other party\’s translation subtitles on Google Glasses, and the Google Glasses displayed in the film have no camera. I believe it can reduce it. Privacy concerns. Google Glasses still seemed to be disclosed in the early development stage.

Pixel Tablet

Below is the concentrated version of Google I/O Keynote, which can be reviewed by the essence for about 11 minutes

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