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Asus Rog Phone 3 starts Android 12 Beta

Asus Rog Phone 3 starts Android 12 Beta

Asus has previously stated that it will launch Android 12 for ROG Phone 3 this year. Recently, ASUS will launch the BETA test version first. I believe that there will be a formal version launched later.

The Android 12 Beta version number is 31.0210.0210.160, and the size of the file is about 1.2GB.In addition to the system improvement of Android 12, ASUS also has some improvement, including updating the ZenUI interface and improving Mobile Manager, Contacts, Gallery, waiting for APPS, replacing ASUS SAFEGURD, Asus Phone to remove the Sip Calling function with Android 12 Emergerent Sos.Wait.The beta test also includes the latest May security update.

ROG Phone 3 Android 12

According to Asus\’s past approach, the formal version will usually be available shortly after the Beta version is launched.And the Android 12 version has already been launched in different devices. The problems to be modified in the beta test should not be too much, so it is estimated that the ROG Phone 3 should be officially launched in the second season according to the original plan.

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