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Android 13 beta 2 launches

Android 13 beta 2 launches

Android 13 Beta 2 推出

Last night, Google I/O also announced the release of Android 13 Beta 2 version. In addition to the Pixel device, there are also many manufacturers designated devices with Android 13 Beta version tests.Essence

Beta 1 has basically showed the new feature improvement of Android 13. This time Beta 2 is mainly some improvements made in the previous version.At the I/O conference, Google also continued to emphasize that the privacy and data security of the demands are particularly important, so the setting interface on Android 13 will also be improved. In additionThe program has better support.

If the user of the Pixel device has previously installed Android 13 Beta 1, you should receive the OTA update notification to be promoted to Beta 2. If you want to join the Android 13 Beta, you can go to the Android Beta Program website.

Google has also announced the designated devices of ASUS, Nokia, Sharp and other manufacturers.

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