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Turn off Chrome paging group function

Turn off Chrome paging group function

Chrome Flags

Chrome has launched a paging group Tab Groups feature at the beginning of the year, but universal users don\’t like this change, and they can close the group group function through a chrome flag. , Use it back to the originally simple TAB paging function. But recently Chrome launched a new version, the paging group function has become a fixed feature, and the original simple Chrome Flags is also removed and cannot be used again.

Some people go to Chromium Issue Tracker to open post reports bug, referring to this operation of Tab Groups, should be used to choose whether to use Tab Groups, this Issue has now had thousands of asterisk markers as support.

At the same time, some people also release the latest methods in Reddit, and can close TAB Groups in Chrome, which is also to modify chrome: // flags but processes are more complicated. The author tried in the Chrome 91, which can be successfully closed. Tab Groups. .

1 enters Chrome chrome: // flags

2 following flags catch order to turn disableTab grid layoutTab groups continuationTab switcher on returnTemporarily unexpire m89 flagsTemporarily unexpire m90 flags

[. 123] 3. Reopen Chrome, then remove Chrome at the Recent Apps screen, followed by Force Close Chrome

4. Go to Chrome: // Flags

5. Turn the following two Flags DISABLETAB GroupStab Groups Ui Improvements

6. Reload Chrome and Force Close If it is still not successful, you can try the restart phone

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