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Transfer the WhatsApp dialogue record to Telegram

Transfer the WhatsApp dialogue record to Telegram

Under social immigration, more and more people are transferred to Telegram, Signal, etc., but many people have some considerations, that is, how to save or transfer in the old dialogue record of WhatsApp. The latest Telegram launched V7.4 updates, you can return the old WhatsApp call to Telgram, everyone can give up whatsapp.

In exchange, including movies, file archives Telegram v7.4 support to conversation records, whether individual dialogue is also group, and exchange records also include movies and file files. To enter the process, it is also very simple. Press the top three points in the top right corner in the dialog screen of WhatsApp.

After the SHARE MENU, select Telegram to pick up the contact or group in the TeleGram, and then wait for the TeleGram to perform the input program. All emission-to-talk time tags will be set to the moment when the conversation is also displayed.

Telegram Import chat from Whatsapp In addition to the exchange of dialogue, TELEGRAM V7.4 also has other improvements. Users can delete all sending and reception messages from both parties. SECRET CHATS, GROUP, can be completely deleted in both parties, and TeleGram does not save these delete information, all deleted information will have disappeared forever.

There are additional interface improvements, such as Voice Chat, can individually adjust the volume of the call, improve the Audio Player, add Greeting Stickers, the transition animation effect of the interface. Telegram Delete history

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