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Google Play Games for PC open test, Hong Kong Taiwan has a copy

Google Play Games for PC open test, Hong Kong Taiwan has a copy

Google Play Games on Windows Google revealed in The Game Awards, will allow the user to play Android games on Windows PC, and the latest Google has opened the Beta test to three regions including Hong Kong. Taiwan and South Korea.

In addition to playing in Windows PC, the game will also support cross-platform cross-devices, and players can continue the original game progress after converting different devices. According to Google\’s early introduction, there are currently more than 25 games in beta testing include: Asphalt 9, Summoners War, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration. To participate in the test, the computer needs to meet the minimum system requirements: \\u0026 # 8211; windows 10 (V2004) \\u0026 # 8211; Solid State Hard Disk (SSD) \\u0026 # 8211; Video Gift GPU \\u0026 # 8211; 8 Logic Core CPU \\u0026 # 8211; 8 GB RAM \\u0026 # 8211; 20 GB Available Storage Space \\u0026 # 8211; Windows Administrator Account \\u0026 # 8211; Hardware Virtualization \\u0026 # 8211; Compatible Computer Device and Settings

If you want to experience, you can go to G .CO / GooglePlayGames registration, waiting for Google notification.

Google Play Games is more than this, on the Lineage2M (Paradise 2M) game on the Google Play Store, there have been Download on Windows buttons. Players can download the EXE file installation in Windows. This download will install the Purple Emulator, and the player can play Lineage2M through the Emulator.

Lineage2M \\u0026 # 8211; Google Play LinkHttps:// Id \\u003d com.ncsoft.lineage2mnu \\u0026 # 038 ; hl \\u003d en \\u0026 # 038; gl \\u003d us

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