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TELEGRAM update, can notify the sound

TELEGRAM update, can notify the sound

Telegram has launched updates, joining a number of practical functions this time, such as self-binding notification, self-selected mute length, and automatically delete message functions.

The first is the self-order notification sound.Users can set the favorite music or sound source into a notification sound and specify a different dialogue notification.The second item is the length of the mute, and the past must be mute. You can only choose 8 hours, two days, etc., there are more time to choose from within the new version, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 1st, 2Day, we can also.

Telegram Mute Notification Telegram Notification Sound Finally, there is a practical function, which is to set the auto-delete automatically delete the message function in individual contact profile, which can specify the time automatically delete the message, time periodThere are also many different choices, days, weeks, and months.

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