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Google Translate app update, add widget

Google Translate app update, add widget

Google Translate App

The Google Translate App has been updated. The latest version adds Widget not only to match the Material You style, it is more convenient to use it.

In the past, the Google Translate App only provided simple 1 \\u0026#215; 1 shortcut widget to directly open the APP to different modes (text, camera, dialogue, writing).Easy to use.

The first Widget is used to display the storage translation and translation records, and the rolling form display records.The second Widget provides different shortcuts to open text, cameras, and dialogue different modes. It depends on the size of the widget to increase or decrease these shortcut buttons, and the current translation language is also displayed above.

The Google Translate App Update has been launched. You can connect to the Play Store to download

Google Play Store link \\u003d blank

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