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Google launched June Pixel Feature Drop

Google launched June Pixel Feature Drop

Google Home Widget Nest Doorbell

After three months, Google launched the Feature Drop for the Pixel device once a season, adding a number of new features.

First of all, AT-A-Glance Widget added several improvements. The first item is to add a flashing prompt. When the flash is turned on, the Widget will have a prompt message, and users can turn off the flash at Widget. This prompt can reduce the situation where the flashing light is misused. The second item can be used with NEST DOORBELL. When someone holds the doorbell, it will display the screen of the doorbell on the Widget. You can see the situation outside the door without opening the app. In addition, in the United States, Australia and India, AT-A-Glance Widget can display the AQI air quality index.

Google Vaccine Record

In addition, this time it also launchs the Pocket Operator APP for Pixel 5, 6 and updated devices, which can convert daily sounds into music. This Pocket Operator APP can be sampled by camera and using TensorFlow machine to learn to transform daily sounds into music. Users can gradually create 4 tracks 16 Patterns music works.

Pocket Operator

Other improvements include the vaccine injection records in Google Wallet and displayed in Home Screen. The CONVERSATION MODE of the Sound Amplifier App extended to Pixel 3 or later device. Pixel 6/Pro\’s MESSAGES Chat Translation features new traditional Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Thai and Turkish text.

In addition, some Bugs are also corrected this time, including Pixel 6/Pro improved the stability and efficiency of WIFI, improved the back fingerprint scanning response, corrected the failure of the screen fingerprint scanning in AOD, etc., in a specific idle idle idle In case, the consumption of electricity will also decrease.

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